The Wait is Over!

Central Florida Animal Reserve invites you to be among the first to sign up for its public offering of tours!  These experiences, collectively called “Big Cat Encounters”, provide customized adventures among the big cats.

“This is an exciting time for our organization,” said Dr. K. Simba Wiltz, CEO.  “It is our mission to provide a platform that will address the challenge of big cats in the future while providing value to society today.  Having guests visit for up close experiences is part of that value.”

After a million dollar campaign and almost 4 years of construction, Central Florida Animal Reserve moved into the new site this July.  The lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars moved to the new site in a highly coordinated effort that included volunteers, staff and state officials.  The new facility is situated in East Osceola County neighboring the existing ecotourism park Forever Florida.  Since moving, the big cats have settled into their new home and begun to find routine.

“These cats are family to us,” said Dr. Wiltz.  “We care for them and about them in a very special way.  After years of campaigning, we are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to share our family with everyone else’s family.”

Guided tours at Central Florida Animal Reserve will run on Saturday and Sunday and come in a variety of forms.  This hour long walking tour is a close encounter with the cats of Central Florida Animal Reserve! The educational encounter shares the stories and care for these amazing animals, and discusses the plight of their species in the wild. The Guided Walking Tour is available for adults and children older than 10 years old. For those looking for a full family experience, Family Tours are available for those with kids younger than 10 years. If you’d prefer a guide and a time all to yourself, consider a Private tour for you and a select few friends.

Enhanced experiences include our Executive Tour, which are led by our Senior handlers and feature the most intimate stories and highly experienced (16+ years) staff.  Behind the scenes gives you a different perspective on the cats and travels deeper and longer than the ordinary tours.  For a truly unique experience, engage the always entertaining Keeper for a Day to find out what it really takes to care for these amazing animals.

Tour offerings are available now, with the full lineup being available on November 12th.  Booking is available online at www.cflar.org and through Central Florida Animal Reserve’s Facebook page.

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