"When it comes to big cats, it's about vision."


Caring with heart, mind, and spirit to create meaningful coexistence for our residents.


Preserving that which is appreciated, such that appreciation may encourage conservation.


Dedicated to the needs of our resident animals through collaboration and teamwork.


The Mane Event


Become the Ultimate Big Cat Hero

Big Cat Hero is the perfect gift for any cat lover!

Become a Big Cat Hero this holiday season! Visit https://cflar.org/big-cat-hero/!

For the big cat (or little cat) lover in your life, the Big Cat Hero makes a great gift. When making your purchase, include the gift recipient’s name and address and we will send it directly to them!

For the holiday season only, you can become a hero to all the cats featured in Big Cat Hero this year!


A Special Legacy – CFAR’s Brick Program

Memories are engraved in stone to show a level of commitment either to a person, place or object. At Central Florida Animal Reserve, there is no doubt you feel a connection – to the cats, the environment and the mission – to address the challenges big cats face in the future while providing value to society today.

Our brick program gives you the opportunity to have a permanent place in CFAR’s history. As our facility expands, we want to recognize those who have made a positive impact on the success of our mission. Consider placing a brick as a memorial, a tribute, or symbol of your commitment to future generations!


The 3 V’s Campaign

The life source of Central Florida Animal Reserve is undoubtedly the big cats we serve. The capacity to maintain the vision of their future requires the utilization of resources, ancillary services, equipment and additional care programs. We are in need of your support to help continue our commitment and conservation to the residents of Central Florida Animal Reserve.



CFAR at a Glance

Mission Statement
CENTRAL FLORIDA ANIMAL RESERVE (CFAR) is a big cat & wildlife reserve focused on providing a platform to address the challenges of big cats for tomorrow, while providing value to society today.
The staff of CFAR is driven by dedicated, experienced volunteers from all walks of life.  Together, they serve our animals residents to preserve their lives and treat them with dignity.
Outreach and Education
These cornerstones of the organization have brought presentations across the state, alerting people to the plight of the big cats and reminding them that we are caretakers of our environment.
Responsible Advocacy
We stand for responsible advocacy for big cats, bringing light to the situation surrounding big cats without resorting to sensationalism for profit.

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Become a Big Cat Hero This Holiday Season! https://cflar.org/big-cat-hero/



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Central Florida Animal Reserve

Central Florida Animal Reserve

Central Florida Animal Reserve is a wildlife preserve housing lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars.

Join us in wishing Icamna a Happy 20th Birthday! Leave him a message in the comments! #whitetiger #teamcfar #SnugglySunday #birthday www.cflar.org ... See MoreSee Less
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We are less than $1000 away from meeting our match!Central Florida Animal Reserve’s supporters give the answer to the question “Why does CFAR need to exist?” Help us continue to fulfill our mission by giving to Central Florida Animal Reserve today to help us meet our Giving Tuesday match and keep us going into the future!Audio: Dreaming, Apple Music #givingtuesday2022 #donate #give #bigcats #teamcfar. www.cflar.org give.cflar.org ... See MoreSee Less
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We are halfway through the Giving Tuesday match but Central Florida Animal Reserve needs your help to make it! As the second video in the three-part series for Giving Tuesday 2022, you'll meet more folks who support CFAR. You'll hear from board members, business owners, volunteers, and donors who will inspire you to show your support!So we asked them "What makes CFAR special?" Go to give.cflar.org to donate today! Audio: Gold Apple Music #donate #give #bigcats #teamcfar cflar.org give.cflar.org brickprogram.cflar.org ... See MoreSee Less
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Good morning, it’s Giving Tuesday!At Central Florida Animal Reserve we have wonderful supporters, hear them answer the question “Why should someone donate to CFAR?” Help us continue to fulfill our mission by giving to Central Florida Animal Reserve today and have your donation matched at 100%! Go to give.cflar.org and click to donate! Audio: Paper Ships Apple Music #donate #give #bigcats #teamcfar cflar.org give.cflar.org. ... See MoreSee Less
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We have a special donation opportunity! Any donation made to Central Florida Animal Reserve will be matched at 100% (up to $8,000) from now until November 29th - Giving Tuesday! That means your gift and your impact to the cats will be DOUBLED!! For an even stronger impact, set up a monthly donation through Facebook and they will match that donation (up to $100 per donation) at 100% until the end of the 2022!! Donate at give.cflar.org now! #GivingTuesday #teamcfar #give #gratitude #makeadifference #donate #donatetoday #fundraiser #nonprofit #generosity #generousdonation www.cflar.org ... See MoreSee Less
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