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To Address The Challenge Of Big Cats In The Future…

Visitor Center - NOW OPEN

CFAR’s new Visitor and Education Center

Being able to share the world of big cats needs the right space to engage the public. Our goal is to have a structure that would engage the public with the challenges of big cats, tell CFAR’s story, and the importance of both.  Our focus would be to provide an environment to educate the community and beyond of the world of big cats.  Since CFAR opened for visitation in November 2017, we have been able to host thousands of guests to our new home. This visitor center will serve as a direct investment in connecting the public with nature and support a deeper, enriching experience.


  • An area to host visitors that is indoors and air conditioned with restrooms.
  • Can house various events to include presentations, fundraising and educational programs.
  • Interactive displays to engage the public.
  • Gift shop area for permanent display of merchandise.


Future Impact:

Our vision is to build a center to provide educational and interactive exhibits with mixed use multimedia that can significantly enhance the overall experience at CFAR. Additionally, we would be able to utilize the building to host educational presentations, events and fundraisers. The more visitors we can host, the greater the potential to sustain the big cat effort.

Join the Cause/Leave a Legacy:

Your support can continue the message of awareness and education of our big cats, will you be the one to make a difference?





Bengal Tiger Enrichment - Central Florida Animal Reserve

The life source of Central Florida Animal Reserve is undoubtedly the big cats we serve. Being able to maintain the vision of their future requires various ancillary services, equipment and programs. We need your commitment and support to help continue to breathe life in to Central Florida Animal Reserve.


Present Future
  • Limited internet service, difficult to connect at times resulting in communication delays.
  • Utilize off-site storage unit to house materials which can be challenging to transport.
  • Need an emergency backup generator for power.
  • Limited staff to manage and run daily tasks of facility.
  • Volunteers designated to communicate to members, visitors and volunteers.
  • Faster broadband connectivity to support onsite communication and to extend our reach of supporters worldwide.
  • To have an onsite storage facility to accommodate equipment and materials.
  • Back up generator to support the facility during outages and hurricanes. Possibility to have solar panels to become more self sustaining.
  • Additional animal care and facility management personnel to effectively manage the growing needs.
  • Administrative support to more efficiently be a liaison to staff, members, visitors and volunteers.


Future Impact:

Allowing for programs and advancements in our organization will be beneficial not only to the cats we serve, but to the global community of cats as well. Providing additional animal support care staff and personnel will enhance the well-being and viability of our cats and to our overall organizational success. The reality of big cats being poached and illegally sold on the black market is unfortunately a truth we are faced with today. Along with loss of habitat, human conflict and climate change, the odds are against these magnificent animals.  Appropriate homes surrounded by supportive people are a hedge against the loss of viability in the wild.

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Will you support Central Florida Animal Reserve’s goal to build a solid foundation to preserve the lives of our big cats today and change the course of their future for generations to come?



Veterinary Hospital

Central Florida Animal Reserve needs your help to build a veterinary hospital to meet the ongoing medical needs of our residents. Our commitment to long term care is key to our ability to provide compassionate medical services for the survival of the species. Administration and provision of on-site veterinary services under one roof will optimize and specialize in the management of the residents using a variety of services. These health-care services include, but are not be limited to: x-rays, labs, pharmaceutical, surgical, rehabilitative and palliative care.


Today Future
  • Procedures that require anesthesia are performed inside the enclosure under manual monitoring.
  • Veterinary activity causes high stress to other cats observing procedures.
  • Equipment is brought into the enclosure for procedures, sometimes at great distance.
  • Specialty equipment must be scheduled ahead of time and is not available for urgent needs.
  • Animal residents must be lifted by multiple hands for examination, or examination must take place where they are due to size/weight considerations.
  • Treatments must be done during daylight hours due to the inability to effectively treat and monitor at night.
  • Procedures requiring anesthesia can be performed under controlled conditions for optimal sleep/wake cycles.
  • Veterinary activity can be isolated, lowering the overall stress to the animal population.
  • Heavier equipment needed for the size of the residents can be installed and nearby.
  • Equipment on-site can be utilized as urgent matters arise.
  • Lifts and tools can lower the personnel impact by assisting in optimal placement and positioning.
  • Treatments can be scheduled based on earliest availability, not just reliant on optimal outdoor conditions.


Future Impact:

Central Florida Animal Reserve will have a unique hospital not only for our current residents, but for the community as well. The hospital will create opportunities for veterinary students, vet techs, and veterinarians who desire to study big cats and endangered wildlife without having to travel great distances.Allowing for research and case studies will help Central Florida Animal Reserve effectively contribute to the evolving body of knowledge for big cat medical care.

Join the Cause/Leave a Legacy:


Your support can continue the message of awareness and education of our big cats, will you be the one to make a difference?







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Central Florida Animal Reserve is a wildlife preserve housing lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars.

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