Central Florida Animal Reserve

Celebrate National Species Day by showing support to the nations wildlife and wild places.  Help protect tigers and other endangered wildlife around the world #stopextinction #endangeredspeciesday #protectwhatyoulove #teamcfar


Meet Icamna   Birthday:  December 4, 2002 Species:  White Bengal Tiger – Panthera Tigris Status: Endangered Icamna means “snowstorm”; he got that name when he and his now-enclosuremate Omaste had to be driven through a snowstorm to get back to Florida.  He suffered significant visual problems, primarily congenital cataracts….


Meet Central Florida Animal Reserve Central Florida Animal Reserve needs your help to fulfill its mission! We are building a platform to address the challenges of big cats in the future and provide value to society today. Our values are Compassion, Conservation, and Commitment, and they guide our interactions…