Central Florida Animal Reserve

It was a very long night of high winds and rain, but we’re happy to report that our resident cats are doing well post Hurricane Ian.  Our key security features remained intact through the storm, and the enclosures helped keep the cats safe and dry in their dens.  The facility has a few spots of standing water, but we seem to have avoided the extreme water that is being seen in our area.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of debris cleanup still to be done.

Like many Floridians, we anxiously are awaiting the storm to clear completely so that the water can begin to recede.  At the time of this message, many roadways are closed due to unprecedented water levels.  Once external crews can safely access the facility, a more formal damage assessment can be performed for our buildings and support structures.

While we plan to do so, the current extent and resources necessary for a full recovery are still unknown.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to assess the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Dr. K. Simba Wiltz
Central Florida Animal Reserve