Help these cats in need make it to CFAR!

Central Florida Animal Reserve has established a friendly relationship with Tiger Encounter and Rehabilitation Sanctuary, a small sanctuary in North Brevard County. This sanctuary has been run by a husband and wife team that has provided a loving environment for cats under their care since 2008. The couple has also been very generous in supplying other facilities including CFAR with tens of thousands of dollars of supplemental food over and above the needs of their “kids.”

Sadly, unforeseen health issues have made a critical impact on the caretaker couple. They feel that these health challenges will ultimately affect their ability to care for their animals.  Having observed the loving care and professional commitment that CFAR has provided to its animals over the past decade, the couple has requested that the CFAR Osceola Campus become the new home for their beloved animals. 

CFAR has the blessing of a larger volunteer staff to fulfill our functions; and, it is still very challenging to find enough help to meet our commitment. The new residents will include two beautiful, loving 10 year old Siberian tiger females named Lillee and Agro, one three-year old male lion named Coty, and one yearling male tiger named Ralph, who is full of vim and vigor and exceptionally entertaining.

CFAR is honored to be asked to care for these wonderful animals for the rest of their lives. We also realize that along with the responsibility of accepting these fantastic creatures, we also accept the financial obligations to honorably care for them just as they have been cared for thus far in their lives.  This is in complete synchronicity with the CFAR mission of caring for these animals to the best of our abilities for the entirety of their natural lives.

We are requesting that each of you step up to financially bless and endow us to the very best of your abilities so that we may accomplish this rescue.  We look forward to introducing you to all of our big cats at the New CFAR Osceola Campus. With your help, we can give a loving home to our first rescue candidates: Lillee, Agro, Coty, and Ralph.