Meet “Iyo” Taka Tatonka

Iyo, just getting up to say hi to someone at Central Florida Animal Reserve


  • Birthday:  March 14, 2006

  • Species:  White Bengal Tiger – Panthera Tigris

  • Status:  Endangered

Iyo has the distinction of having one of the widest circle of friends at the facility. If there were a show about him, it would be “Everybody loves Iyo!”. He’s a mellow cat these days, and keeps fit with a daily exercise regime maneuvering his ‘water buffalo’ effortlessly around his enclosure.   After a long workout, he takes a well-deserved and lengthy soak in his tub.  Iyo still enjoys the close contact with the handlers that marked his cubhood versus throngs of crowds.  Iyo will go to great lengths to keep someone he likes from leaving – even going so far as to block the door with is body and ‘cry’ for one more hug.

Iyo’s favorite workout is with his “water buffalo”, a heavy culvert he drags all over.

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