Meet Gypsy

Gypsy’s pattern of rosettes are as unique to her as they are to her personality.

  • Birthday:  January 2, 2000

  • Species:  Asian Leopard (melanistic) – Panthera Pardus

  • Status:  Vulnerable

Gypsy came from a facility in South Florida that breeds exotic animals for the zoo trade. This facility was near another facility that bred animals commonly known as prey for leopards. The presence of a leopard so close affected the mating habits of the neighboring facility such that they requested she be removed. Instead of being put down, Gypsy remains with us, surrounded by others cats who are more appreciative of her predatory nature.  She experienced significant allergies, believed to be due to having been kept inside for the first portion of her life.  The resulting itching caused distinctive scarring that requires continued management today.  Most occasions you can find her perched on top of her culvert where she keeps tabs on all the activity of the visitors and volunteers that come to see her.  As one of the oldest residents, she takes time to enjoy the finer things in life…like a good back scratch from a loving volunteer and an occasional dose of fresh catnip.

Gypsy spends her golden years lounging atop her culvert and holding court over all that pass by.

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