Meet Freedom

Born shortly after 9/11, Freedom’s name was given to honor our freedoms in the light of those who wished to destroy them.


  • Birthday:  September 23, 2001

  • Species:  Bengal Tiger – Panthera Tigris

  • Status:  Endangered

Freedom’s most noticeable features are not even there. As a cub, she lost her ears and tail in an attack by some older tigers. The resulting injuries landed her in Shand’s burn unit in Gainesville, FL, where a part of her belly was grafted onto her thigh. She was in critical condition for a long time, but Freedom showed her stripes and fought through to recovery. Since then, she grew into a massive tigress and, at the stately age of 17, she has adapted well to her disabilities.  You can read a full version of her incredible story here.  She has a certain spark to her spirit – she will do what she wants, when she wants to and no one can tell her otherwise.  Freedom’s past is truly a remarkable one, she represents more than just her name – she is a symbol of life and reminds us what is worth fighting for.  

Tigers enjoy submerging themselves to cool off on a hot summer’s day, and Freedom is no different.

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