Meet Kukla


Unlike big cats such as the lion and tiger, the cougar cannot roar but instead has a variety of vocalizations such as hisses, growls, purrs and even whistles


  • Birthday:  October 5, 2005

  • Species:  Western Cougar – Puma Concolor

  • Status:  Least Concern

Kukla quickly established her position as a very affectionate little kitten. She lavished attention on her handlers with vigorous headrubs and grooming licks. Her big heart is surrounded by a lithe, athletic body that is just as comfortable in the air as on the ground. Kukla eagerly greets her favorite humans when they pass her enclosure, and has a purr loud enough to be heard from ten feet away.  Kukla has a hanging ball in her enclosure that she loves to use for exercise. She will leap off her culvert and bang the ball around before running around just for the joy of movement. She can do this routine many times in a row, but will expect neck scratches in return for the display!


Cougars have large paws and exceptionally strong legs allowing them to jump up to 16 feet in the air from a standing position


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